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Customized Navigator RIP

Xitron and Trojanlabel have developed a customized RIP for both TrojanOne and TrojanTwo making a long line of pre-print corrections possible. 

Main features:

  • Graphic Merge Tool - A simple variable data tool which allows the merging of graphics onto a background image.
  • Color management - Including three distinct color tools. ICC profiling, spot color editing and replacement, and global color adjustment ‘sliders’. Color edits are able to be saved into a database.
  • Imposition - Step & Repeat and other common label positioning features. Including the ability to add trim and cut marks if desired.
  • Soft Proof viewer - An optional step which makes it possible to see the job after it has been ripped, but prior to output. The viewer works over the network from either Macintosh or Windows.
  • Client control and job management - Mac and Windows clients allow job tracking, re-queuing, color editing, copy count control, and more from networked computers.
  • Variegator - Variable data tool which supports variable text, barcodes, graphics and color.

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See what the Navigator RIP can do:

Building a simple workflow
  Linking workflows
  Editing an existing job
Using the copy action
  Intro to PDF tools
  Spot color ink remapping

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